About Violet


Violet is an online care platform that supports people to talk about, plan for and manage the last stage of life. We help with practical and emotional needs, making this time as good as possible for everyone involved.

With 25 years of experience, Violet combines humanity and technology to help people talk about, plan for, and manage this complex stage of life. We use evidence from around the world to guide our work.

Our national network of Violet Guides has been helping families and caregivers for decades. They have personal experience and expert training, providing support programs nationwide that are measured by a strong impact framework.

On our platform, you will find a seamless, guided journey with help from an emotionally intelligent assistant named Violet. This assistant is available anytime to answer your questions.

You can connect with our community or our Violet Guides whenever you need. Our resource library includes articles, videos, and podcasts. By registering, you can create a personalised Violet Plan for yourself or someone you care for. The Violet Plan covers all aspects of the last stage of life, including future care planning, financial and legal matters, emotional support, memories and legacy, and funeral planning.

If you need more information, please email us. We're here to help.

For Everyone

Violet supports anyone planning for or navigating the last stage of life. Perhaps you are planning ahead for yourself, or perhaps you are caring for a loved one approaching the last stage of life. Ultimately, Violet is for all of us at some point.

The earlier we all acknowledge, talk about, and plan for this stage of life, the better we will be able to live our best lives, free of anxiety and concern about how we and our loved ones or carers will manage this stage when it comes.

For Caregivers

Often, the primary carer or next of kin of someone approaching the last stage of life does much of the care planning and administration. In many cases, they will be the main users of Violet.

You can set up an account in your name and specify who you are caring for. Or someone can set up an account for themselves and then subsequently nominate a carer or next-of-kin as a shared account user.

For Organisations

Violet works with health and life insurers, banks, aged and home care providers, as well as large employers.

If you are interested in providing Violet to your customers, members or employees and in discussing the benefits, please contact info@violet.org.au

For Investors

Violet is an early-stage start-up and we are always interested in talking to aligned investors and funders who appreciate both the head and heart of our ambition to transform the end-of-life experience for everyone involved. The Violet Initiative Ltd ACN 143 224 293 is a registered charity and Violet Social Enterprise Pty Ltd ACN 669 153 539 is a privately owned company, both are registered in NSW, Australia.

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