Violet is a national not-for-profit organisation, providing information and support to help everyone in Australia navigate the last stages of life and the grief and loss that accompanies it.

Our mission

Violet aims to make a positive impact on the last stage of life so that more people are better prepared to die well.

Violet provides free services, programs and resources to friends and family of people in the last stage of their life, or those who are themselves in this life stage. Our support is designed to help everyone be better prepared and supported on their journey.

Whatever your situation, Violet is here to help. Please get in touch.

The importance of ending taboos

Violet is playing an important role in the wider normalisation of death and dying, destigmatising necessary conversations and bringing down barriers that stop people from seeking support.

In the same way that attitudes towards mental health have been transformed, Violet strives to effect the same change around the last stage of life.


What matters most at end of life?

By Violet CEO Melissa Reader, Prof Kathy Eagar, Director of the Australian Health Services Research Institute and clinical committee members Prof. Ken Hillman, AO and Dr. Leeroy William.

Read the full article on the Medical Journal of Australia Insight+

Violet in the media

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