Ask Rose (3)

Ask A Violet Guide

In this series, Rose Dillion, Violet Guide and registered nurse with a clinical background in neurology and neurosurgery, aged care and rehabilitation, answers questions from the community. 

I worry that talking about what might happen will make things worse.

This week's question about communication in the last stage of life will be answered over 4 parts. First, Rose looks at some of the reasons these conversations can be so challenging

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How do I best resolve issues when a loved one is in aged care?

This week Rose talks about the importance of building solid relationships with residential aged care staff from the outset. 

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My husband refuses treatment, what do I do?

This week rose answers a common question from the community around supporting a loved one who is refusing treatment.

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Need support? Speak to a Violet Guide.

I have no idea where to start or what to do now.

Rose explores the role of carer and how focusing on communication and preparation can help you and your loved one make the most of your time together.

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Is it normal to feel guilt and relief?

Rose explores some of the emotions you may experience as you transition a parent into aged care. She also explains the common reasons you may experience guilt and relief, and what's next for your parent, you and your wider family.


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How can I process difficult emotions like anger?

Many people in the role of carer feel confusion, sometimes even shame, when they experience unwanted feelings like anger. But the truth is these feelings are common and there are healthy ways to process them.

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Meet Rose, a Violet Guide who cared for 3 family members in 2 years.