Impact is at the heart of everything we do.

Violet's impact

Since 2020 we've helped over 17,000 people, through guided support, self-led support and workforce training. We measure this through the delivery of our support programs and training, and engagement metrics for our online tools, resources and content, and report this quarterly here.

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76% of Carers

feel better equipped to engage in end-of-life conversations

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79% of Carers

understand what matters most to the person who is dying

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88% of Carers

feel validated and empowered as a result of Violet's support

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1 in 2 people

access palliative care subsequent to accessing Violet's support

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95% of people

tell us that our online resources help build their knowledge and their confidence

What is the most significant change as a result of Violet’s support?

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"I knew what to expect and what conversations to have ... being able to make the most of the precious time I had left with Mum and being with her until the end"

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"I had the confidence to deal with the difficult conversations and how to raise them"

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"I was able to take Mum out of hospital and give Mum the care she deserved at home"

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Violet's impact framework

At Violet, we are driven to solve one of the toughest and most complex parts of the human journey: the last stage of life.

We know that when people are able to move forward with support, confidence and knowledge they make better decisions, which lead to better outcomes.

That is why we are uncompromising in measuring our impact.

​​In October 2021, drawing on the expertise of AGSM Graduate, Sarah Foxe and the team at Social Ventures Australia, Violet rolled out our first outcomes framework.

Grounded in Prochaska and DiClemente’s foundational work in behavioural change, the framework also investigates Violet’s impact on carers’ knowledge, sense of empowerment and ability to take action - all of which help them to make the most of the time they have with loved one. Early results have validated this human impact.

We will continue to gather insights and data on the last stage of life, and share this knowledge to build awareness of this universal life stage that needs recognition, planning and communication, just like any other.

Whatever your situation, Violet is here to help.

The death of someone close is life-changing. We won’t change that. We all aspire to the best possible final stage of life for ourselves and those surrounding us.

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