Violet’s shared-value partners

Meet our community of early adopting customers working with us to reduce regretful outcomes in the last stage of life.


Violet’s philanthropic partners

It's through the early support and generosity of our philanthropic partners that we have been able to deliver help to thousands of people.

The challenge

Many Australians are not having the end of life experience they want or deserve. Half of the 100,000 predictable deaths each year have regretful outcomes - where uncertainty, a lack of planning, insufficient support and family dynamics lead to an end-of-life experience that doesn’t align with preferences.

Regret is a very personal emotion, but it carries widespread costs for families, businesses, the health system and society. The system cost model is complex, and adds up to a $1billion problem that continues to rise in line with our ageing population.

Emerging social trends and shifting policy frameworks highlight this complexity. COVID-19 placed a spotlight on this issue, providing an opportunity for organisations to make a step change in how the last stage of life and the end of life are addressed.

Violet leverages 30+ years experience, and a significant global evidence base, to build capacity in non-clinical care and communication.

Violet helps people change behaviour in three main areas: acceptance, preparation and communication in the last stage of life.

We provide support when and where people need us - at home, in aged care, health care, and in relevant businesses.

Violet’s approach targets three main audiences


Informal caregivers

These people are usually female, aged 50-75 years old, caring for a partner or a parent. They are key decision makers with high levels of influence. They can make a big difference to the eventual outcome, and they live on, to share a better experience with others.


Professional Caregivers and Clinicians

These are caregivers working in healthcare and aged care, and clinicians whose practice intersects with the last stage of life. They are experts in clinical care but have capability gaps in non-clinical care.



These are people working in organisations relevant to last stages of life, such as financial services and insurance.  As businesses they hold authority, and through better conversations and facilitating referrals, they can make a big difference to the eventual outcome.

Violet's products build resilience and capability, and increase willingness to have sensitive and open conversations about the last stage of life.


Violet Guides

Structured peer-to-peer conversations focused on acceptance, planning and communication

Violet Academy

Workforce training to build capacity and willingness to have effective end of life conversations, easing the emotional burden on staff and actively referring to Violet’s Guided Support Programs.


Violet Resources

Rich digital content including new truths on the last life stage. This growing library of personal and professional wisdom can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

How can Violet support your employees and customers?

Violet helps organisations whose work intersects with the last stage of life better support their customers and employees.

With Violet’s help, employees are more capable and willing to have end-of-life conversations, and can actively refer customers to Violet’s tailored support programs. They also benefit from increased resilience and support to minimise the impact of challenging interactions related to the last stage of life. 

Customers benefit from improved conversations that shift the focus from transactional to relational. And they place immense value in a free referral to a specialist service through an unexpected channel.

In addition, employees who are in a caring role can also access Violet’s specialist support programs, building their resilience and providing relief.

Violet is stepping up to provide a national support initiative for the last stage of life

We help people be better prepared as they care for loved ones through the last stage of life, increasing communication and resilience, reducing regrets and complex bereavement, so that they are able to return to work, and life, more fully.

We improve workforce capability and resilience, as well as building organisational reputation.

We are working to create 20:1 ROI for Government.

We are leading a social movement for change around the last stage of life that enables more Australians have compassionate, dignified deaths, where their preferences align with their experience.


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