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Shining a light on the untold stories of family caregiving. Episode 1 of 'Conversations that Count' features raw and honest conversations about the challenges and joys of caring for a loved one in their final stage of life. Listen and learn with us.

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Groundbreaking AI research exposes death as ever-present and chronically under-supported.

At huge cost to us all.

Recent research, involving over 1000 participants across Australia, exposes a concerning lack of discussion and preparation about death and dying.

Our study, conducted by The Evolved Group and Alchemy Research & Insight, uncovered that emerging technologies are a groundbreaking way to get to the heart of the problem. Our respondents engaged in emotionally intelligent and open conversations with AI, suggesting that there’s a better way to support Australians and prepare them for death. Our study proves that Australians are not well served by the support options currently available.

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