Right now, thousands of us are caring for someone with a terminal illness, or who is elderly and frail.

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You may already know us by our old name. But our new name, Violet, is an even truer representation of who we are and what we do.

Inspired by the last colour of the day, and the first colour of the dawn, it represents the acceptance and hope we’re here to offer.

You aren’t alone

When you're caring for someone with a terminal illness or who is frail, every day can seem uncertain. Violet is here to help.

We offer free support from a trained guide who has cared for someone and can understand what you’re going through. You can also access an online library of professional and personal wisdom to help you prepare for what's ahead.


How can a Violet guide help?

A guide to communicating with aged care staff.

Now, more than ever, communication with aged care staff is crucial to your loved one receiving the best possible care. It's an important, if sometimes complex collaboration, but one that's based on a beautiful foundation of care from both sides.

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